Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008 yo!!

Happy New Year to everyone


i wana a pet rabbit,
or hamster, guinea pig.
they are just adorable to an extreme level..


i want to do well im SPM

i want to ...

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Counting down the year

Just got back from sg wang/times square/bb plaza/pavillion
its considered my first time counting down so late..
and we had helluva great time..
so rocked our heads off!!

so went ts and ate at gasoline, the waiter was dam rude(in a still acceptable n funny way) i heard him saying set f**k when kah wooi ordered Set F..
he was rude as well during the first time i ate there.
but the food and decor is nice =]

then walked




visit Jia Yao at work

ate some 4 ringit fake shark fin by the roadside

bumped into primary school friends in sg wang
shared my shark fin =]


visit Chooi Yan at work



bought J.co donuts, so cute =]
i wana work there.

went Wong Kok Char Chan Teng
mash potato the best ive ever had
(not like ive eaten alot but atleast better than the shitty baby food maggie mash potato machine)
cheese baked rice was yum
nice view, i can see starhill gallery and klcc and all

went back to sg wang
bought party strings, just to be prepared =]
pick up jia yao after work,
went up to the bridge to time square,
heck loads of ppl
Ken was blocked by the security because he was carrying the party springs,
we left him alone (wakaka)
went toilet
went back to pick up crying Ken
he wasnt crying
Ken stole a can of party sping confiscated by the security,
we covered Ken and let him steal a bag of snow foams
we end up with 15 cans of sprays
makan donuts, Yummay!!

go to sg wang,
sprayed at ppl's "yong sui" faces .
sprayed at the police
wanted to....




snow all over my hair, face, mouth, nose,ears, eyes,hands,pants,shirts..

some indian dude stole a can of party spring. .
pull his shirt but he escaped!! !
dam!! its just a can of party springs...

some ppl just commint crime for the stupid reason, i understand if u steal the most valuable diamond on the world but
a party spring can!!!
I aint gonna let these ppl away next time!! even if i have to chase down the streets!

a failed handphone snatching attempt!
thank god i tie my hp strap to my pants! genius!
the malay fella is such a good actor,
he was acting cool hangin around looking else pretending to be innocent!
i should hav shouted or ask ppl to bash him up or sumthing!

some kid stole another spraying can of mine when i was squating bcause someone sprayed at my face
and i din even know who stole it until Sue Huey told me that it was a kid!

Malaysians!!!!! T.T

wasted alot of $$$ on spraying cans...



saw a bunch of familliar faces

sprayed even more!!

bullied by my friend and her dad!
bulllied by some foreign workers, bangladesh or watever..



screamed our lungs outs

sang out hearts out

wasted more on spraying cans

bought bad quality spraying cans..

went back inside and sprayed again!




no more spraying cans...


go back pavillion to wait for chooi yan

disturbed ppl with us playing with te balloons

(unnessary to continue, im lazy)

at the end of the night, we were all sweaty, dirty,and smelly, we had sore throats and half conscious legs
and wet no thanks to the rain.. -.-
but overall , it was one of the greatest nights ever!!
im so gonna be there next year!!
just nid to prepare some cash!!
and im gonna need

cap, jacket,shades, masks

my first year countdown was the best night ever!!
cant wait for other event..

is there any countdown for chinese new year, valentine, hari raya??

pics will not be posted now..


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Monday, December 31, 2007

Switchfoot Concert =]

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Thursday, December 27, 2007


Guess what made me blog again!!!

Ba Da BOOoooM!!!

well its actually them,hah

Switchfoot's coming to town!
Best Xmas present EVER!!



So i found out the news before on Xmas (i know im a procrastinator)
and literally my jaw dropped...

they are coming on 2nd Feb 2008, performing in Venue TBD
I had Noo idea wth is venue tbd, i googled and even asked kar heng and suddenly it hit my head that

TBD = To Be Decided!!

Dam im stupid!!

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha..........im crazy !!! i know..
im gona start saving now to buy their tics . hehe
im gonna kidnap Jon Foreman!!

P/s : i need a concert buddy
who wants to go ?

i just found out in Mtvasia.com
they are performing in KL Convention Center
tic are 120++ pre-sale and 140 (at door)

Id kill to go there


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Sunday, August 26, 2007

today is "the" day =]

so we got the dance practise again yesterdat night and for those who din came, u missed one hell of a show

the brass band rocks and the performance from sokka gakkai is the bomb!
make our dance look like a 4 year old dance..

yesterday was more like a concert for us than our usual boring practises. got alot of shouting and screaming going on.

theres was a bug on Sue Huey back, we screamed, for fun.
so funny

there was a huge cockroach on our bus during our way back to school, we screamed, for fun
so funny

some flying insects in our bus, again we screamed for fun

we screamed all the way back to school

btw today is the ghost festival(?) according to chinese calendar ..
Oohh and on our way back to schoool , sze kei saw at least 6 car plates with number "4" in it..
so scaryy............-.-

sze kei told us not to kill the cockroach cos maybe its a spirit or sumthing since it was past 12.00am
but sumone stepped on it when we get off the bus..
poor insect
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Merdeka Dance Practise (PKSC)

So about 1 week ago, we finished our practise at Pusat kecemerlangan Sukan Cochrane(PKSC).

And boy!! that was one hell of an experience!! seriously!!

we had to stand/sit/squad under the hot sun that burns our once healthy skin.. i wont be surprise if sumone get skin cancer and oh yea.,all those sunblock n lotions dont work so dun waste ur money..

but it was fun overall

we went there everyday and we almost do the same thing over there..

we complain about the food everyday but we still eat them..

oh! and during the very first lunch time i dropped my chicken!-.- dam! so i end up eating plain rice, and joanne was laughing so hard and then bob came and he toss an apple at her lunch and she dropped her chicken as well.. so we laughed like some crazy women!

we barely touched the chicken and it friggin dropped!

we sat on other ppls feet/let other ppl sat on our feet

and five minutes lateru couldnt really feel ur feet and when u take a look at ur feet u'll find ur feet looking like donald duck's

Oh ! and the sky over there looks pwetty~~= ]

the primary school kids can look oh so cute n adorable when they are dancing and also can be oh so nasty when they see a "LL"

the popcorn there is amazing, no idea wat they put inside but its addictive=]

I admit i complained a lil bit when i found out we had to skip a month of school and go dancing cos we know we will come back looking like dark baboons but now im glad that i was one of the praticipants cos i met some new friends and they are very friendly and i like that..

Especially her, Foo Shin Yi

that woman is so sweet n friendly

and she gave me a chocolate yesterday so i love that woman..


not in a lesbian way lah, haha
(but i wouldnt mind if u.... haha, just kidding)

and i also met my old school friend from SMK Sri Petaling and through him i met some of hi friends who are also very nice ppl..
i love them

and about a week or 2 we are going to finish the whole dance thingy so im kinda sad cos i got shitload of homework to do and we going back to school and we look so dark and i wont be seeing my friends from other school..
i will miss them so baddly

arghh.. i dun wana be the tanglung.. =[
i wana run and shout =[
but wth..

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh SHit!!

My mornings lately had been shitty... seriously

everyday when im all set and ready to go to school for the dance practise..

open the gate, walks out of the house, goes to the elevator, looks at the floor..

Urghh!! SHIT!!

theres always will be a dog poo lying on the floor. .. atleast i hope it belongs to a dog..
and i tot no pets are allowed in my apartment.. IShhh..

and i can see that sum ppl already kena the bombs .. lol
thank god its not me!!

*im sorry that im being mean, staying under the hot sun for a really long period has some bad effect to my tiny lil brain*
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Monday, July 30, 2007

Long time no swim

Went swimming alone last Sunday.
its been quite a while since i last swam
i used to go crazy about swimming
but dont know why or when i started to abandon the little water pool at the apartment.

I used to like being in the water, everything is so slow, so quiet, so calm
so warm(in some way), so cold
feel like im being surrounded by some kind of force, embracing me
can do a lot of thinking when i dive into the bottom and pretend im a dead body.
i can think if alot of things and think of absolute nothing also..

just dont think so long lah, not enough oxygen..

shall go more often...
sharpen my skills..

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Friday, May 11, 2007

overdue pics( bball is the shiat)

omg dont look at me..

I say dont lah!! (wth i know u'll still look and laugh like babi)

how's my hair??? nice ah nice or not!

say wat!! whats the score again ?!!

Yong Er(left):NOoooooo!!!! lost again!!!???

Mang Er(right): Thats it! im calling for help!!


~~~Chinese New Year~~~

went bbq at sze kei's house


jealous kah??!

aku cintai anjing panas(lol)

two pigs doing wat they do best!!

joanne: eat eat eat!!

me:Hmm..wats next??hash brown? prawn?chicken?Ooooh..those dogs look hot!!

guess who's who? =)

poor Jit Siang with that vicious mean ol witch

To help jit siang, plz call 1300-HELP-ME

p/s jit siang threw up on my shoes that day.. urgghh..


My Cousins, Angels With Horns

she wants to be an exotic dancer sumday.... n shes practising..

promoting "dried meat"
(just kidding lah!!!)

Siang Siang!!

he's the cutest thing, generous, extremely playful, put ur hands together and make a spider and he can be the happiest kid alive, camera shy(i think its the playful thing),ur dead if u make him cry, but he can play with u like ur his best friend after finish crying,cute, cute, cute!!!!

eh, did i mention cute??

Here's what u'll get when u point a cam at him...

and this!

he is also a bad influence to my other cousins

Li Xuan

and Siang Siang's sister..

omg. i seriously din know my sister was in the picture!! lol

and my other cousins...

Li Xuan's sister, Li Shan

Li Shan's sister, Li Wen(the right one, not the left)

im getting lazy


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Monday, April 23, 2007

I was sexually harassted......verbally ftw =.=

by talking with one f******* taxi AH PEK .. wth

so today i took taxi to go home hor,
the Ah Pek looked okay at first~~

then he started telling me about how he feel about school lah and all, how study is better then working lah and bla bla bla...
so i talk back loh, or else it would be boring and rude wat.
then he asked wat was i going to do when i get home so i said shower, sleep and tuition.
so he said why dont i let him sleep for a day.
( i think he was signalling something, but im very fat and very insensitive and so i din get that. i tot he was joking lah , complaining about his work, very tired and all )

then he started singging, that was okay for me also lah, old people mah, i also sing lah , just not infront of ppl.

i had no idea wat he was singging then he asked if i learn chinese so i said yes and he said "haha. good" and i was like "haha... yea..-_-!!!"

then the topic started to change and he was telling me that i was very leng lui.. ( that i know!! hoho)

it was even weirder when he started saying
how his thing is very hard, it was hard last night, it would be nice if i was with him last night, its hard now, wat very hard, in and out ..
(omg!! i cant believe im typing this!!)

i was so scared the whole way back that he was going to touch me or take me somewhere else. i swear i will scream and break his fingers one by one. and kick his ****( im just saying)

the bloody taxi Ah Pek's name is SING THIAM HOCK!!!!
if u see this perverted freak please stay away from him.

wat if he sends u god-knows-where and finish u off..

im so scare i think i wont be taking a taxi for a while...
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all about THE MUSIC FREAK.
the Yuen Shiong
I Am A Freak..really
Super Lazy